Get Help

If you need help paying for an abortion, call or text our confidential helpline at 1-833-672-2310 or 540-553-8152. Select ext 1 for financial support. You can also fill out our online support request form.

First, schedule an appointment with a provider in your area. Click here to view a list of clinics we work with. Find out how much the abortion will cost and determine the amount you can contribute.

When you call, be prepared to leave a message with:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • City or county of residence
  • How far along you are in the pregnancy (calculate)
  • Date of your appointment
  • Name of the clinic you are attending
  • Whether it is safe to leave a voicemail or text message and identify ourselves

A helpline volunteer will return your call within 24 – 48 hours, Monday – Friday.

You are eligible for assistance if you’re a resident of Virginia and surrounding communities, or traveling to Virginia for an abortion. Resources are limited, and priority goes to Southwest Virginians, which means we won’t be able to fund many callers in the Northern/Central/Tidewater regions. See the FAQ for more information about eligibility and service area.

If you’re traveling to your appointment and need help with transportation and/or overnight accommodations, we provide the following types of support: rides to and from the clinic with volunteers, gas money, Uber/Lyft rides, bus tickets, hotel rooms, home stays with volunteers, child care, meals, and emotional support.

Give us a call and select ext 2 to request practical support. Leave a message with the basic information listed above. If you need a ride, include a pick-up/drop-off address and appointment time. If you need gas money, include your Paypal or Venmo information.

If you need other forms of assistance, check out our resources page.

¿Necesitas ayuda para pagar por un aborto?